Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: RK and Madhu play prey and predator

The episode begins with Madhu apparently feeling jealous with the attention that RK is receiving. She walks up to the stage and makes a bold announcement. She lets everyone know that she is deeply in love with RK, not the superstar, but her husband. Madhu plays a song for RK and the duo dances romantically on the stage, earning praise from everyone. And guess who is there in the restaurant? No pri...

Is Priyanka in a mutually satisfying “crafty” relationship?

The girl who is so “thoroughly” dependent on her team, her driver, her agent for going about town, who can’t move around unchaperoned, is finally in a relationship! Shocked you didn’t we, read on for some more “In The city” Pee Cee news: Priyanka’s love life She had her fans is a tizzy with her spectacular portrayal as a police officer opposite Shahrukh Khan in “Don” and “Don 2”. Tongues wagged at...

Punar Vivah: Aakash turns nasty, gets Yash out of Sindhiya house

Aakash is ready to leave the house and announces his exit from there. Gayatri squirms in pain and begs him to stop. Aakash says that he can never be like them and become a part of the family. He has stayed away from them for 30 years and cannot be a part of them in seven days. Yash requests Aakash to not to go. Aakash tells him not to stop him and says that he might have got money but all that res...

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