Mallika’s ideal guy to be yogi type?

Perhaps, Mallika Sherawat is the only female celebrity who does not shy away from making witty statements.

Mallika’s ideal guy to be yogi type?
Did you know who is Mallika Sherawat’s ideal guy? I’ll tell you guys, he would be one who is “vegan, non-smoking yogi type:) Charming, humorous, philosophical, fit, compassionate, confident!” as she tweeted. Huh greedy enough.

Darling you are living in which age? Nobody gets an ‘all in one’ package these days. Lol.

This is not all folks. The sizzling actress has quite unusual veiws about marriage too. She tweets, “If u want2 sacrifice th admiration of many men 4 th criticism of 1, go ahead, get married.”
I guess, this is the reason why you are still single.

Piggy Chops excited
The sultry actress Priyanka Chopra will be donning 12 different roles in her upcoming flick, ‘What’s Your Rashee’ co-starring Hurman Baweja.

And when her film is nearing towards its release, Piggy Chops has all reasons to be excited. She quips, “What’s your raashee shaping up so well..It overwhelms me sometimes when I c it..Put too much hard work into it..Will have a WYR contest soon!”

Well, Piggy Chops I wish your hard work gets rewarded and you turn out to be shining as ever.

Gul Panag to meet architects?
Even though we don’t see much of her on the silver screen but here’s a real busy woman. She tweets, “An impromptu session of dancing at Hawaian Shack,preceded by dinner at the Italian(dissappointing) @Leela has left my high heeled feet sore.”

“Feet better. Will spend day in trainers. ( missed yoga of course, & not because of feet).Meeting with architects and then another. Eve run??”

Gul, why are you meeting the architects? Be precise in your tweets from next time onwards, will ya?

Uday is busy
Here’s his tweep for the day,
“Looking forward to another full day of editing…just got a workout to finish and then back into the belly of the beast (my editing room).”

I am happy for you Uday boy atleast you got some work. And Im also looking forward for your upcoming movie, ‘Pyaar Impossible’. I hope there’s some good work.

Imran is floored!
Imran Khan who is just 1 day old in the twitterland is trying to be active on his webpage, folks. He tweets, “Active first day for me… taking off now, I have a promise to keep. Thanks for the outpouring of love, everyone. I’m floored. Seriously.”

I know what promise you are talking about. Lol. (Date with sweeta Avantika?) Shhh…Did I say something? And Imran, mamu will not keep rescuing you everytime so kindly work on films that can woo us too.

Sonam Kapoor in Delhi
The damsel is in Delhi for the shooting of ‘Aisha’ co-starring Abhey deol. She tweets, “Have a fitting with kalyani and pernia at dior.. All the rest of the cast arrives in the is coming as well..”

Great luck yar, dior and all. Anyway, I’ve heard Aisha is the Indian adaptation of victorian novel, Emma. I’m really looking forward to that, hope you don’t lemme down.