Mastani swerves back! Written off, tattooed Deepika, here to stay

Bollywood has always been partial to tattoos and ace stars like Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn,Arjun Rampal, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor , Deepika Padukone and many others have got themselves inked at some time or the other. But there is one tattoo that has always managed to raise eyebrows and its Deepika’s “RK” etching.

There are celebrities who flaunt their tattoos and there are celebrities who wear their tattoos like second skin. At one time, Deepika Padukone had been smitten by the “Kapoor ladla” and to profess her love to her beau, she had got the backside of her neck inked with the initials “RK” . Times changed and love sailed out of the window for the couple. “Khuda Jaane” what happened between them but they split.Deepika

Bold and beautiful Deepika let the tattoo remain, and it flashes boldly for all to see . Recently a reporter asked Deepika about the tattoo again and the media person questioned her about Ranveer Singh’s reaction to her bold tattoo. Every time Deepika used to beat about the “tattoo” bush, but not anymore. This time she snapped back “why?” and continued with a question of her own, asking the reporter as to what did the nation was inquisitive about?

The Piku actress is one daring woman. Recently, she had admitted to depression bouts and extensive treatment to cure it, when she broke off from her intense relationship with Ranbir and she has never tried to hide her tattoo. Dips had altered it slightly post her break up with the star but the “RK” can still be seen. She is a girl who loves to be inked in blue and has a gorgeous “DP” tattoo on her ankle.

The gorgeous dimpled gal had been reprimanded by the audiences when her career took a nosedive in the past , but she didn’t give and refused to be written off as a star and she slogged on the same pointers that the critics were running behind her for. Her opulence and dazzling persona is mesmerizing and can’t be missed in her upcoming “BajiRao Mastani”.

Talking about her Bollywood journey she states “I’m really fortunate to be in the movie business – something that I always wanted to do and something that I’m very passionate about, which is why even when I was written off, I took that as a challenge and healthy criticism and worked on that. It’s important that I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve worked with, and I’ve enjoyed all the various film experiences I’ve had.” Wowe wowe Dips dear, tattoo and all, the package is unbeatable and we are forced to say “Bachna ae Logon” Deepika is here to stay!