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As Astha rushes to check the door bell, she sees Shlok lurking in the shadows. He is blistering with fury as she had ignored his calls. He holds her and shakes her, and yells at her for ignoring him.

Astha closes Shlok’s mouth

In his volley of question answers he immediately tries to explain her that the pheraas that they had taken at the site were all in good faith and were certainly not because of his bad intentions. Astha gets worried that her mother might hear the commotion, and immediately puts her arm across his shoulder. She pulls him close and then puts her hand on his mouth.

She looks here and there to see if anyone has seen her and begs him to be soft and lower his voice. She pleads with him that she will get into a terrible soup if her family members chance to see him around the house talking about the phony “pheras”. This results in Astha holding Shlok very close and she stares deeply into his eyes. Something changes in their glance and there is a sizzle of very strong volatile sparks crackling between them. Astha’s eyes undergo a tender transformation as she looks into his eyes with love shining out of hers.

She has no idea that very strong emotions have taken over both at that moment. Shaken to the core she prices herself apart to go indoors. Kalindi who is seeing this exchange gets into a worried fit as she feels that the talks between Astha and Shlok didn’t seem to be official. Astha rushes indoors to go to her room brushing past her mother in a hurry.

Niranjan calls for Astha’s family to function

Anjali tries to get Niranjan to change his mind regarding Astha’s employment; She tries to tell her husband that due to Astha’s irrational behavior and very modern attitude she may mess up the mammoth anniversary celebrations. She tries her level best to make him realize that she is incompetent and an impudent girl who will not understand the kind of function their family demands. She tries to poison Niranjan’s mind saying that Astha purposely added the names of the women in the house before their husbands and that it was blasphemy.

At that moment, Shlok saunters in and starts to tell his dad that the “name placement” was basically his idea. He admits that Astha is a brilliant girl who is doing her job to perfection and he has no intention of employing another person for the job. He says that he is extremely fond of Astha. This comment shocks Anjali and leaves Niranjan surprised.

Niranjan tells her to send invites to all including Kirloskar parivaar. At her start of surprise, Niranjan says that they need to be forgiving towards younger children’s mistakes. At that moment, Niranjan’s younger brother Vinayak, steps in and makes fun of his brother’s domination. Anjali jumps in to say that she will personally invite Astha’s family. Hearing this, Vinayak giggles and runs away.

Shlok apologizes

Astha comes to the office and sees a bouquet of flowers and a huge soft toy waiting for her with an apology note from Shlok. She breathes finally and picks up her gifts to walk to Shlok’s office. But she sees someone walking towards Shlok’s office; it’s the same girl who has been sacked by him in the past.

The lady tells her that if she had her way she would push Shlok off the train because of his pompous and domineering attitude. At this, Astha snaps back that she better not speak another word against Shlok as he is her employer. The girl snaps back that it seems that Astha has fallen in love with Shlok .

Shlok asks her why she was arguing with the girl and she tells him that the girl was backbiting against him and she couldn’t take it. Hesitatingly, she starts to tell him about the girl’s insinuations as Shlok stands really close to her with his hand placed behind her head. She is just about to commit herself but sneaks away from his closeness leaving Shlok with a leery smile on his face. He picks up the bouquet and smirks again.

Astha paces up and down in her office and decides that she will never tell her feelings to Shlok and that he will have to admit his feelings first. On the other hand, Shlok plans that Astha needs to be shamed and her spirit broken. He decides that he will break her “Zid” and she will have to bow down in front of him for sure.

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