Punar Vivah: Aakash turns nasty, gets Yash out of Sindhiya house


Aakash is ready to leave the house and announces his exit from there. Gayatri squirms in pain and begs him to stop. Aakash says that he can never be like them and become a part of the family. He has stayed away from them for 30 years and cannot be a part of them in seven days.
Yash requests Aakash to not to go. Aakash tells him not to stop him and says that he might have got money but all that respect, legitimate status was of Yash and he could never match it. He says that buaji was right that I was a misfit in the Sindhiya house.
Gayatri blindfolded by motherly affection
Gayatri swears and says that if Aakash tried to leave she will kill herself. Aakash stops and says in poignant tone that he can’t see mom dying because of him. He brags that he might love this house and family but this house never will.
Gayatri asks him what does he want and Aakash says he does not want money. He says he wants respect that Yash had all these years and the legitimate son’s status.
Yash looks perplexed and sad and everybody else is silent. Aakash speaks and says he has four demands, fulfilling which he is liable to stay otherwise not. He speaks out: Everything of Yash, should belong to him; Yash will never hit him; and the life that he has lived so far should be of Yash’s from today onwards. Pointing at Mr. Sindhiya, he says that he will openly call him his legitimate son and Yash will be illegitimate.
Gayatri agrees to Aakash’s nasty demands
Yash has tears on his lashes and Aarti is extremely sad. Sindhiya family is too shocked to say anything. Gayatri blabbers that you get what you want and Yash will be the illegitimate son of the family. Buaji tries to shake her up from the motherly affection but Gayatri jerks off her suggestion.
Yash agrees abiding by his mom’s wish. Yash walks up to Gayatri and touches her feet, she reluctantly blesses him. Yash goes to his room and starts packing his stuff.
Aarti confronts him and asks him if he is so much distraught at the thought of leaving his family he should not do this. Yash argues that this is what his mother wants and he owes that much happiness to her. Aarti starts packing with him and Gayatri is crying profusely in her room.
Yash cut off from family tree in a split of second
Aakash enters Yash and Aarti’s room and asks them why are they packing? He then clears that he just announced that everything that belonged to Yash should be of Aakash from here on. Thus they are not allowed to take anything with them.
Aakash points at Yash’s clothes, shoes, watch and stakes his claim on them. Yash and Aarti leave the bags intact. Yash takes a family picture and Aakash stops them from taking the frame, leaving Yash high and dry.

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