Ranveer Singh makes the big announcement.

Ranveer Singh makes the big announcement, '83' to release in theatres this Christmas.

The most anticipated film 83 is all set to release. In a recent conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Kabir Khan shared his experiences while shooting the film, talked about the movie being one of the memorable experiences of his life and its release.

When asked about the latest update on 83, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan director, Kabir Khan said, “We are waiting for it. It’s just one of those films that as I said, you don’t choose the stories, the stories choose you, and 83 is one of those stories will always be one of the memorable experiences of my life and be one of those most incredible stories of triumph of the human spirit that I’ve ever heard, so it’s a special film, it’s been, even in terms of craft been designed for the big screen”

Kabir further added,” We want people to enjoy it because it’s a story that every Indian. People who are adobe probably above 45-50 all know it, but I want the youth to relive that moment because it’s definitely one of the greatest moments of sporting history in our country, in the world actually. So we are hanging on as much as we can, we are keeping our fingers crossed, we are hoping the vaccination drive picks up, we’re hoping people get safe, we are hoping people are able to come out and.”

Mentioning the release of the film, Kabir Khan said,” Ideally we would like to release it when things are closer to normal back to normal, we don’t know when that will ever happen. It might take 3-4 years but I’m saying closer to normal when there’s no imminent danger when more and more people have been vaccinated and are feeling safer and can come back with their families into the theatre and watch it. We are going to hang on till then.”

The movie was expected to release in December, but Kabir cleared it by saying, “ Righ now it’s all guesswork for you and we sort of throwing our wishes and aspirations into the universe and see that things happen but it has to happen when all of us feel safe, I don’t think anybody else can tell us it’s something that all of us would feel, it’s when you will feel comfortable to go into the theatre will your family, the day I will feel comfortable to take my children into the theatres, that’s when all of us collectively will feel the difference and that’s when we should release.”

Talking about the film and how special it is for Kabir, he said,” It’s not a publicity thing but i would say it’s the best film I’ve made.”

The film 83 depicts India’s victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup under Kapil Dev’s captaincy when the team defeated West Indies in the final to claim their first-ever World Cup trophy. Ranveer Singh is playing the role of Kapil Dev in the film alongside his real wife Deepika Padukone playing the role of his reel wife Romi.