Masala punch “Qubool hai” : Tanveer “mean bids” with Zoya for prize matrimony catch, Asad


Tanveer falls sick As the talks of the engagement keeping ringing out around Tanveer, she decides to take a swoon and falls unconscious. Asad gets majorly concerned at the state of hid friend’s health that he keeps yapping at Zoya in trepidation. After numerous efforts of warding off the doctor by Tanveer, Zoya manages to sneak a blood sample from the latter without her knowledge. Tanveer is despe...

Punar Vivah: Aakash turns nasty, gets Yash out of Sindhiya house


Aakash is ready to leave the house and announces his exit from there. Gayatri squirms in pain and begs him to stop. Aakash says that he can never be like them and become a part of the family. He has stayed away from them for 30 years and cannot be a part of them in seven days. Yash requests Aakash to not to go. Aakash tells him not to stop him and says that he might have got money but all that res...