Ajay Devgan join hands with Dil Raju for hindi remake of Telugu Hit

"Naandhi" to rock in Hindi!


One of the finest actor Ajay Devgan collaborates for the first time with V. Venkata Ramana Reddy aka Dil Raju for the Hindi remake of Naandhi after they got the rights of the film. Ajay Devgan is going to produce to this criminal courtroom drama.

Naandhi is a very prominent movie as it shows many faults in the administration. The movie being a huge success in the Telugu industry for its rawness, Ajay Devgan and Dil Raju decided to take this movie to more audience. Hence, the Hindi remake. They promised to retain the essence of the movie in it’s Hindi remake. Ajay Devgan and Dil Raju are currently in the search of suitable star cast for the movie’s amazing delivery to larger audience. Script is being finalised. Both the producers are happy to collaborate as the movie conveys very important issues.

Ajay Devgan Films, Dil Raju Productions , Kuldeep Rathore and Mumbai Talkeez are the four producers looking for key cast. They are in the early stage of the movie and we’re sure that the cast is going to impress the viewers with their delivery and skills. Let’s look forward to Naandhi.