Back to Grind! Virat back after Romancing Anushka in Sri Lanka

Bombay Velvet actors are in love! Don’t get us wrong, we are talking about their individual love affairs.

As soon as Virat returned from Bangladesh, he flew to Sri Lanka last week to meet Anushka. As per our sources, “He came in for a few days and they would hang out together during her free time. They were also put up in the same hotel, but they were a lot more discreet this time around. They made sure that they weren’t get clicked together, so not many crew members knew about this.” Now actors and cricketers have learnt to save themselves from shutterbugs; they know the hide-seek now!

The cricket star Virat Kohli is reciprocating Anushka’s gesture when he was playing in New Zealand as the cricketer was recently spotted in Sri Lanka, where his rumoured girlfriend is shooting for Bombay Velvet and the agenda is to spend some quality time with his ladylove!

Earlier, Anushka and Virat were spotted walking hand in hand in Auckland, New Zealand by their fans. Anushka had paid a visit to her “just friend” Virat in New Zealand putting their “just friends” status under jeopardy.

Not only Anushka but even the tabloid sweetheart Ranbir Kapoor is also busy with his girlfriend Katrina Kaif as even she has flown from Mumbai to meet her beau and spend some quality time with him. Woohoo! The film is garnering publicity not because of the lead pair’s on-screen chemistry rather the two have been individually hogging limelight with their love partners.

We have not heard a word about the chemistry between the two actors till now! Will this work for or against the film? We do not know that. But one thing is for sure Bombay Velvet is seeing some love in the air. And most probably it is real!

May be Virat wanted to pour himself in fresh air of Sri Lanka with his “just friend” Anushka to forget about the Asia Cup. However, in order to join the Indian team on Thursday morning for the ICC World T20 Championship, he flew to Mumbai on time.

But the meeting seems to have brought a smile to his face. He even took to Twitter and posted, “Well rested. Time to get back to the grind now!” Ahaan! Ladylove impact, Virat?