The wait is ending finally! Disney+ has just turned better for the audiences. No doubt our favorite serial “ Loki” had many of us impressed and glued to our television sets on Friday. We don’t have to wait an extra two days. The thrill continues and we can now view all eye-grabbing Disney + original series on Wednesday rather than Friday.

Disney+ made this switch recently and, isn’t this a welcome change for the platform lovers! You don’t have to wait to watch “Loki” the Marvel series till Friday anymore. Disney+ has decided to switch the interesting marvel series on earlier. Come Wednesday, tune into preferred content on the original series.

Disney + has loads to offer us. Not only is the content growing on the platform but the present shows are a favorite of many. The Disney + movies will continue to debut on Friday. Now, you can enjoy Ms. Marvel and the Mandalorian season 3 on Wednesdays and tune in to Black widow and the popular Luca on Fridays.

No more streaming clutter people and Disney + will effectively deal with the Thursday competition too by releasing the series a day earlier. A great way to take over the whole week and spread wings Disney +!