Jazz it up, Nikki Tamboli brings sassy “Shanti” to audiences

Nikki Tamboli of KKR 11 has released her new music video “Shanti” for her audiences.

This time it’s some “Shanti” time for Nikki Tamboli. She may have agitated her fellow inmates in Big Boss 11 and created a ruckus beyond compare. She may have spread plenty of Ashanti in the tele-show, but now, it’s time for peace and jazz. Jazz and pepped-up moments are what the lady assures us. Tune in to enjoy the beats, people- Nikki Tamboli is here to make a peaceful musical impact it seems!

 Sassy Shanti 

 The ex-Big Boss inmate is getting loads of media attention ever since she stepped on to take on the daring stunts of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. Entertainment is her forte and she has proved this plenty of times in the past in her Big Boss stints. 

 Nikki Tamboli and Rubina spread Ashanti

 Ganging up with Rubina and driving the rest of the inmates in the house furious spreading loads of “Ashanti” is what Nikki Tamboli did in the past few months. But now it’s Shanti time, folks. Nikki is going to jazz up your playlist with her music video “Shanti”!

 Shanti with Miling Gaba

Nikki romances and karaokes with Milind Gaba in the music video shot in a club. Glamorous stunning outfits and superb dance sequences will set your feet tapping for more. Sharing her  her song in an Instagram post, she claims “The sassiest track #Shanti is finally here. It is time to jazz up your playlist. Song out now. Tune in. (sic)”. If you want to get into the groove then give it a shot and dance along!