Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: RK and Madhu play prey and predator

The episode begins with Madhu apparently feeling jealous with the attention that RK is receiving. She walks up to the stage and makes a bold announcement. She lets everyone know that she is deeply in love with RK, not the superstar, but her husband.
Madhu plays a song for RK and the duo dances romantically on the stage, earning praise from everyone. And guess who is there in the restaurant? No prize for guessing that it is Sultan and it is incidentally the same restaurant where he usually comes.
Dips cons Radha
While Madhu and RK have left for a romantic date, Dips senses a chance to dig deeper into Madhu’s plans. She cons Radha with sweet talk and readies her to go to Madhu’s place for apologizing to Radha. She wants to get Sultan’s contact info from there, which she will use later for some nefarious purpose.
Sultan arrives at the scene
As Madhu and RK start dancing to a romantic number, Sultan arrives at the scene. RK is aware of Sultan’s presence, and gets all mushy-mushy over Madhu in order to tease him. Sultan catches a glimpse of Madhu and RK in a passionate embrace and gets a terrible shock. Madhu is shocked too on watching Sultan at the place.
RK teases Madhu
RK teases Madhu if she is shocked to see her special friend, Sultan. Madhu checks with him if knew Sultan would come there, to which RK replies in affirmative. RK tells her that this was his way of getting things even with Sultan.
Dips, Sikki and Radha arrive at Padmini’s place
Dips, Sikki and Radha arrive at Padmini’s home and apologise for everything that has transpired between them. Radha and Padmini are engrossed in a discussion while Sikki and Dips are plotting how to get Sultan’s contact info.
It is RK’s turn to get suspicious now as he asks Madhu if she is playing ‘Prem Game II’ with him. Madhu replies coyly that she is the prey, not the predator. This makes RK grimace and says that it would be interesting to see when the prey turns the predator.