Manoj Vajpayee the “Family Man’s ” Aglio e Olio

Manoj Vajpayee has been much a part of the news since the release of his Family Man 2 on Amazon Prime. Now, people have more to discuss! The scene where Manoj Vajpayee takes his colleague to a restaurant and the latter struggles to ask for “Aglio Olio” from a waiter in a restaurant is the talk of the town.

The “Aglio e Olio” is a much-talked-about conversation on Instagram and other social media handles. This goes to prove that the audiences have accepted the web series Family Man season 2 with open arms. In the series, Manoj Vajpayee plays a secret agent Srikant Tiwari and Sharib Hashmi, his colleague essays the role of JK.

The two actors sit across a table to chat and catch up as they discuss Sri’s exit from the job of an undercover cop and entry into the corporate world. The conversation involves ordering Italian Food “Aglio e Olio” at the restaurant.

Talking about the shot at an Andheri restaurant Manoj Vajpayee said, “We tried to improvise here and there. We were trying to get the character right, because we were coming back after a long gap.”

He further states, “It also says that Sharib’s character isn’t somebody who is frequenting these restaurants. Now my character, who has started working in corporate, can afford it.

He knows these dishes. Algio e Olio is something that initially even we didn’t know how to pronounce it.” In fact, the camaraderie shared by the actors in the scene is fantastic and the smooth acting speaks of the acting skills of these two talented men.