Masala punch “Qubool hai” : Tanveer “mean bids” with Zoya for prize matrimony catch, Asad

Tanveer falls sick
As the talks of the engagement keeping ringing out around Tanveer, she decides to take a swoon and falls unconscious. Asad gets majorly concerned at the state of hid friend’s health that he keeps yapping at Zoya in trepidation. After numerous efforts of warding off the doctor by Tanveer, Zoya manages to sneak a blood sample from the latter without her knowledge. Tanveer is desperately trying to hide her pregnancy from Asad and his family. After all Asad is her prize catch for matrimony.
Dilshaad faints too
Now that Asad is slowly getting caught in the noose of the engagement, he is anxious to get out of it. He makes all efforts to tell Dilshaad that the engagement fixed between him and Zoya is false, but Dilshaad is smarter than him. She pretends to feel faint everytime Asad tries to talk to her about the false engagement. The fear of losing his mother is paramount and Asad agrees to a big family function because of Dilshaad’s tender state.
Tanveer goes nasty
Zoya puts the blood sample in an ice bucket but Tanveer is a tad smarter than her. She exchanges the sample for chicken’s blood . Asad rushes over to the laboratory for the test results and finds out that the blood has been tampered with and as usual points the finger at Zoya. Zoya manages to clear her position and Asad in his apologetic mood gives her a gorgeous saree as a gift, which is burnt by the nasty Tanveer.
Ammi gets a one up
Ammi’s manages to get Razia’s hair chopped off with her smart moves. Then surprisingly Ammi’s jewelry goes missing and a few Faqirs come and tell everyone that Razia had distributed gold coins amongst the poor people and needs to be praised for her magnanimity. Humaira is shocked as she gets to know that Razia had a hand in all this jewelry business.
Ammi is giving Razia a taste of her own medicine and has now turned the official Qubool hai manipulator. But it’s a fact you always reap what you sow! I hope you are hearing this Tanveer.