Is Priyanka in a mutually satisfying “crafty” relationship?

The girl who is so “thoroughly” dependent on her team, her driver, her agent for going about town, who can’t move around unchaperoned, is finally in a relationship! Shocked you didn’t we, read on for some more “In The city” Pee Cee news:
Priyanka’s love life
She had her fans is a tizzy with her spectacular portrayal as a police officer opposite Shahrukh Khan in “Don” and “Don 2”. Tongues wagged at the sizzling chemistry shared by the two acting icons and this rumor crept into their personal lives as well. Since then Piggy Chops has the world speculating about the “man” in her life.
Recent online tweets suggest that the gorgeously sexy actress has hinted her relationship status. Hmmm…
Let us put you guys out of your agony! The dazzling beauty has professed to like a picture on a photograph site that implies PC has a deep affection for her art. She confirmed a relationship with her craft, people. Now you can breathe again!
The site picture has the relationship status mentioned as single, complicated, in a relationship, married, and artiste. Priyanka Chopra apparently chose last option of “artiste relationship status”. The lady thereby confirms to her fans that she shares a strong relationship with her craft. All Pee Cee did, was click on the “like” status on the picture. This resulted in sending the message “relationship status” viral amongst the gossipmongers who started to wag their tongues about her “love life”.
Priyankas relations
Daddy’s lil girl is a favorite with her parents but not many people know that the charming actress has “direction dyslexia”. The fiercely independent and talented diva it seems is directionless without her entourage. She needs them around all the time, they are her support system.
Priyanka is a hot favorite amongst people, who wouldn’t be ! The MTV Video Music Awards India presented her with a super achiever award “the MTV VMAI Award” for her classy performance in “Barfi” , her other hits and her hummable single “In my city”.
You are an actress par excellence, Pee Cee. “Barfi” proved that, my dear girl. You sure delight us with your “crafty” relationships!