Shocking and scandalous! Sherlyn Chopra claims Raj Kundra offered to start the “The Sherlyn Chopra app” for her. She claimed that Kundra offered to customize the App for her so that the adult content available on the internet, could now be channelized to the app and she would benefit monetarily from it.

Sherlyn screams “sexual assault”

 But, further, the actress claims that on the 27th of Mar, 2019, Raj Kundra came to her home. The play-boy model cum actress claimed, Kundra admitted to living a stressful life with Shilpa Shetty. He also admitted to a “complicated” marital relationship between them, stated Sherlyn. The two had reportedly entered into an argument over a message thread shared between them. Soon, things turned nasty and Sherlyn stated Raj Kundra allegedly tried to kiss her. A scared Sherlyn had scrammed into the bathroom to save herself from his clutches, said her statement.

Raj Kundra in custody

Now, Kundra is in 14 days of judicial custody and new sleazy undertones to the case are unraveling every day.

Raj Kundra is in custody and Shilpa Shetty gets angrier by the minute. Reports say when the house was raided Shilpa Shetty could not control her turbulent emotions and in fury, she had broken down yelling at her husband. She blamed him for ruining the reputation of the family, due to his underhand dealings.

Shilpa goes to courts

Raj Kundra may be accused in the pornography case, but Shilpa is definitely not ready to carry the baggage. The Shetty Kundra family has undergone raids and fines to pay for Raj Kundra’s wrongdoings. But, Shilpa Shetty has no intention of letting the media get away by ‘doing false reporting & maligning her image’.

Now, she wants justice and has approached the courts for defamatory content published by nearly 29 media persons, media houses, and social media apps against her. Hell hath a woman scorned, Shilpa walks the warpath!