Qubool hai: Whack!! Razia wallops a tight slap on Tanveer’s Face

Tanveer really knows how to rub it in! She teases Zoya mercilessly about her father and says that she doesn’t Zoya’s exit program. She is rubbing Zoya’s father’s identity in her nose!

Tanveer teases Zoya
Tanveer after oodles of cajoling tells her the address of a mosque where thousands of people visit. She tells Zoya that out of all the men collected there one is her father. Zoya reaches the mosque and sees the gathering of males from behind a purdah. She distributes her father’s age old photograph amongst the people collected there. It is a fluke that Razia is also at the same mosque and sees Zoya distribute the photograph amongst the people.

Razia remembers Tanveer’s words that Zoya has died after falling from the cliff. Zoya waits for her father to grasp the picture and show a reaction and stares around at the collection of people. Siddiqui holds the photo in his hand as he talks to some friends at the mosque.

Before Siddiqui can see the picture Razia calls him up and tells him that she is feeling very unwell and needs to go back home. Zoya gives Tanveer a call and tells her that she has lied to her regarding her father, being at the mosque. The conversation is overheard by Razia who is shocked to hear Tanveer’s name. Enraged at Tanveer’s changing loyalties, Razia promises to teach her a lesson.