Raj Kundra’s pornography stint, is Shilpa innocent?

Raj Kundra in custody for running pornography mobile app


It is true folks! Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty’s husband “was actually running”, the pornographic mobile applications, on the sly. He has been sent to police custody for this act and is awaiting further action. Along with him, Ryan Thorpe, the IT head of his company, has also put behind bars, till the 23rd of July.

Raj Kundra’s pornography mess

Raj Kundra has been arrested, for running a company that streams pornographic films on mobile apps. Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Businessman Raj, was, in reality, running mobile applications dealing with pornographic videos and was also dealing with the finances and content of the porn films. This fact was confirmed by the Mumbai Police on Tuesday. They claim to have plenty of evidence against Kundra.

Viaan industries under scanner

Kundra’s “Viaan Industries”, named after his son Viaan, was linked to Kenrin Pvt Ltd, a UK-based company that owned “Hotshots” Mobile phone application. The porn content is uploaded, on this app. In fact, Pradeep Bakshi, Kundra’s Brother-in-law, is the owner of Kenrin, the company running the Hotshots application.

Shilpa innocent

According to Joint CP (Crime) Milind Bharambe, Police has “found evidence of WhatsApp conversations, accounting sheets, e-mail and pornographic clips that clearly show that it was Kundra who was actually running the pornographic app ‘Hotshots’ through his company.” Till now, there has been no evidence of Shilpa’s active involvement in this case. Investigations are on but Sony’s “” crew missed Shilpa because she cancelled her shoot with the team post her husband’s arrest!